About Us

As your strategic partner, Etekmed specializes in helping medical private practices maximize revenues, streamline clinical workflow, and improve billing, reimbursements, collections and back office processes – all while improving patient care.

Our Medical Practice Optimization Model leverages on industry best practices, technology and people to position healthcare providers into a strategic platform, enabling them to navigate the increasingly complex and demanding healthcare landscape.

Embracing new technology advances combined with data-driven analytics and social media is required to succeed in a highly competitive market, increase revenues and more importantly, improve the quality of patient care.

Today’s challenges are more than just coping with regulatory changes. Providers need to retain patients and acquire new ones while building mutually-beneficial partnerships with other providers and implementing strategic marketing campaigns to increase their patient base.

Our mission is to be your partner and trusted advisor in developing, planning and implementing the solutions required to maximize your financial, operational and clinical performance.

Etekmed’s model of solutions, services and continued support are backed up by decades of experience and certifications in the Revenue Cycle Management, Consulting and Health IT industries.