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MIPS start your engines

MIPS is a critical component of Value-Based Care which increases your revenue. Starting MIPS too late WILL impact your practice negatively!!!

The traffic light colors indicate the levels of risk that could impact your revenue and your reputation. Obviously starting now increases your chance to successfully implement MIPS.   


Revenue Killers

One of the most common “no so good business practice” is poor cash controls.

Pay close attention to your month end reports to ensure charges and collected amounts are balanced. Keep a closed eye on those cancellations and no-shows and be sure to have them re-scheduled. Don’t allow the person who opens the mail post payments or write refund checks and by all means only physician owners should sign checks.  

Protecting patient data is protecting your practice

OUCH!  Provider hit with $31,000 HIPAA settlement over lack of business associate’s agreement 

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