The MIPS 2017 race is on the last stretch, are you ready? 

This month marks the culmination of a hard run marathon for many practices when it comes to MIPS 2017, and the beginning of a long-term multi-year commitment to MIPS and Value-Based Care beginning in 2018. You can see why on my previous post 5 takeaways for your 2018 MIPS Reporting  Just as an athlete prepares to run a marathon to the finish line, so does a practice to implement a successful MIPS program that will take it to the finish line and beyond.

The performance of the runners during the last stretch is what determines the winner and the difference almost always points back to “preparation”. How well the practice prepared for MIPS before the race started on October 2nd will determine the performance level and ultimately the quality of the MIPS program will carry them to the finish line on December 31st.

Unlike a marathon, MIPS does not end on Dec. 31st, so it is critical to take a serious pulse check NOW. Is your practice ready to tackle the last stretch as you take a hard look at the quality of your preparation or your MIPS program? Practices and groups struggling today is a sure sign of poor and mediocre preparation or MIPS program, while those cruising along is a sign of good and adequate preparation and a sound MIPS program.

2018 is right around the corner so by now every practice should be preparing for the new MIPS 2018 period while simultaneously finishing 2017 MIPS.

The key word is “simultaneously”. I recently posted 5 takeaways for your 2018 MIPS Reporting  to give you some ammunition to start getting ready for 2018. Of course, there are many other aspects to consider, but those 5 takeaways will get you started.

MIPS is not about avoiding penalties is about embracing quality, better outcomes and  Value-Based Care. 

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