Time to review for a fresh start

End of year is the perfect time to review, re-assess and bring in the New Year with a fresh start and a touch of Holiday cheer!

We’ve spent years helping client physicians just like you by providing solutions and services to solve challenges that impact revenue performance so you can focus on patient care.

As 2017 comes to an end, it is a good thing to look in the rear-view mirror and see how things went.

Did revenues hit the mark? How did MIPS (if you accept Medicare) impact your workflow and operational costs? Is managing the providers’ credential data still a manual nightmare and resource intensive?

If any of the above showed up in your rear-view mirror, then consider the following:

Revenue: if you did not hit the marks or experienced declines in reimbursements or increases on rejects, then it is time to do a Gap Analysis to find root causes for “revenue leaks” impacting your cash-flow.

MIPS: Like a tsunami, MIPS has caught many by surprise. As we peel away the many layers of the steps taken so far and the ones on the horizon to submit the final data, it seems as if the requirements get more involved and time consuming. The year 2018 will bring higher expectations, longer reporting periods and more. It’s time to consider a MIPS software tool and here are just a few key functions it must have.

  • Cloud based
  • EHR agnostic
  • Integrated with any certified EHR
  • Has a mobile app feature
  • Provides calculation simulator to maximize performance
  • Capable of submitting your data
  • and more ….

Feel free to contact us for more details on our MyMIPSScore tool

or email us at [email protected]

Credentialing:  If the credentialing process of collecting, sharing and maintaining provider’s data is still manual, you need to seriously consider a software based tool and here are just a few key functions to look for.

  • Drastically reduce the process time for credentialing and onboarding
  • Makes your credentialing process more efficient
  • Automated alerts when credentials are about to expire
  • API capable for integration and form generation
  • and more …

Feel free to contact us for more details on our Signature tool

or email us at [email protected]

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