Driving Revenue Performance – Transition to Value-Based World

The transition to the Value-Based World is happening as we speak. Medicare is taking the lead with its Quality Payment Program  for MIPS and APM and all indications from the new HHS administration show full support to move forward. We just don’t know how they’re going to change the course , but one thing we know for sure, … it is going to be patient-centric and not government-centric or administrative-centric.

Private practices must embrace making the transition to the Value-Based World because their reimbursements will be based on their performance, value and quality of their services.

If you accept Medicare and have not yet received a letter from CMS indicating weather you must report MIPS in 2017 or not. Simply click on this link and enter your NPI.

Am I included in MIPS?


Having an EHR is part of the transition to the Value-Based world, so you must have an EHR in place or you would need to look for one.

BEWARE, BEWARE, BEWARE, not all EHR software is going to be around for ever. The market is expected to see mergers and acquisitions and just last week eClinical Works was fined by the DOJ for falsifying information during their certification and part of their punishment is to provide free data conversion for clients who want to jump ship!

Not a good week for eCW and if your practice use eCW you owe it to your patients to read these articles and make a decision.

eClinicalWorks fate in question

DOJ demands eCW to transfer data to rival ehrs

What should eCW customers do?

Latest and on the ECW fiasco


On of the largest Hospitals in the US violated PHI policies and got a hefty fine. Again you owe it to your patients to read what caused it, how you can prepare your practice to avoid this. the Value-Based World expects every practice to ensure each patient’s PHI is secured for the safety and security of the patient.

Texas health system settles potential HIPAA disclosure violations


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